Sung Essentials was created with the intention of producing small-batch wildcrafted, plant based apothecary products that are both healthy for you and the environment.

Our products are inspired by the abundance of healing properties found in nature. By sourcing and blending pure, high quality ingredients, our goal is to create products that nourish and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Handmade on Vashon Island in Washington, many of our ingredients are foraged locally when the season is right and the plants are available.

We encourage you to simplify; let Sung Essentials help you establish a beauty ritual free of preservatives, synthetic dyes, parabens, and harsh chemicals. Our 100% natural creams and salves will protect, heal and renew both your skin and your connection to nature.


After leaving her job as a Chemist for a large pharmaceutical company, Jennifer Sung decided to move back to the Pacific Northwest to look for a cleaner, simpler way to create healing products.

Jennifer found passion in the culinary arts and nutrition, working with renowned Seattle chefs to help conceptualize and produce recipes inspired by the ingredients native to the Northwest. She then followed her renewed curiosity to Vashon Island, where she continues to work as a cheese maker on a local farm and host seasonal pop-up dinners.

Reinspired, it wasn't long before she decided to apply her connection with natural ingredients to wildcrafted apothecary products. She furthered her studies in ethnobotany, with the goal of creating daily use lotions and salves made from only a small number of essential, thoughtfully combined ingredients.

The result: Sung Essentials.

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styling by  Madeleine Eiche

label design by  Sue Nguyen

product photographs by  Rafael Soldi